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  • Members can access the following through the members section of the website:

    • Calendar: This calendar contains events pertinent to members of the cooperative, including board meetings, committee meetings, and other activities that have been reported to the webmaster.

    • Newsletter: All newsletters distributed by the president, management company, and various committees are archived.

    • Documents: All cooperative documents are available for download for your convenience. This includes the Member Roster, our Handbook and Policies, our Legal Documents (By-Laws), and the Occupancy Agreement.

    • News: An archive of announcements made to the residents from the management company, the board, and other members.

    • Board of Directors & Minutes of BOD Meetings: Information about the board of directors is made available, including contact information. Various subcommittees that have been formed are also made available here. You will also find an archive of all minutes from meetings made available.

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